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Please read the article I wrote today for Associated Content on Yahoo! It covers my tips for surviving and winning this November.


Please click it even if you just scan teh article. :)

Also please be sure to tell your friends!

Short Piece on Associated Content

Associated Content (in the Yahoo! Family) had a writing assignment where I got 500 words to tell about "My Favorite Author". I chose my favorite to be David B. Coe and you can read about why here: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/8868997/my_favorite_author_david_b_coe.html

And it got accepted for publication. Please read the article and tell your friends.


Writing Rules

Great post by Rachelle Gardner recently about the "Writing Rules".


I agree with her so much. We writers sometimes get flooded on "how-to" websites about the "Rules of Writing" that people are afraid to do anything different.

*Active Voice, not Passive
*Avoid Adverbs
*Show don't tell
*Start a story with the hero POV
*Limit the number of POVs

On a writing website I frequent (which I refuse to name), they are OBSESSED with the RULES. I see constant posts with titles such as "Is it ok for me to ...?" "Is is ever legal for me to ... ?"

In my opinion, everything is ok to do if the story requires it. When I see such titles my first reaction is always ok if that is the best way to tell your story.

So writer friends, just write. Worry about the rules later.

Lessons to Learn

I need to learn to stop reading about how to write and actually START WRITING! If only I could borrow Faith Hunter's muse for a little bit. I need to be whipped back into my writing chair.....


Altar of Heaven Rewrite

So official version 5 of Altar of Heaven has begun. I currently sit at 6,000 words. I estimate it to run to about 70,000 purely based upon the length of version 4. That means I am about.... 8% done. Nice. :)

This is the same story as the earlier versions but yet vastly different. In the earlier versions, I felt something was wrong. I wasn't sure what it was until I started version 5. Araceli's story needed to be darker and more.... psyhcotic. The earlier version of Araceli had her coming off as whiny and unlikable until near the end. This version makes her more true to the vision that I originally thought. Dark, brooding, and psychotic is how her story is now and I feel it has been vastly improved.

Wynn on the other hand is remaining largely intact. I liked him before and I continue to like him now. I forsee some rewrites of content later on of his story but his early story is just about copy/pasting into this one without any detriment to the story.

Another thing realized in this version... I found that there needs to be a plotline connecting the two initially seperate stories of Wynn and Araceli. What that will be yet, I don't exactly know, but I am thinking that it will run along the lines of assasination/kidnap attempts against Araceli. We will see.

So far, I am enjoying this version very much and feel that it closer to the one I want.

Doing Some Writing

So I just chucked over 500 words from Altar of Heaven Redux. It might seem a lot to many writers but to me it is a lot. I could feel the story being drawn down the wrong path. It just felt "wrong". Does the fact that I can catch me veering off plot mean I am growing as a writer? I hope so. :)

Short Story Update

Well, the Asimov story failed once again but I got a better feeling from the response. I think I will shelve it, revise it, and then try it somewhere else.

In other news, I am in the process of tinkering with Altar of Heaaven again. This involves basically starting from an "informed scratch". This means I am starting back at chapter one but this time, I have some idea where I am going. :)

Stay tuned!

Update on Asimov

It has been about 5 1/2 weeks since my submission to Asimov's. They estimate on their website 4-6 weeks for a desicion so maybe going a bit long is a good thing? I hope so. We will see. :)

Story Published and Available

Now available through Pill Hill Press....


...the short story anthology, HOW THE WEST WAS WICKED, which features a short story of mine, "The Night Walker". It is available now in print from Pill Hill Press and in e-book format at the Nook Store. It will soon be found for the Kindle and at Amazon. I urge all who read this to buy it and tell all your friends. :) I hope you enjoy not only my story but all of the ones in the anthology.

How the West was Wicked Galley

Just recieved the galley of the anthology "How the West was Wicked" which my short story appears. This is my first galley to review and I think it is exciting! This is my first opportunity to see the whole anthology take shape and see how my story fits into it.

I haven't read my story in about a month and reading through it now surprises me. I keep saying to myself, "Wow, did I write that? That's pretty good." or conversely "Wait, I can see how that needs to be reworded."

Overall, this is an interesting experience and I am growing by leaps and bounds as a result.

First shameless plug..... Be sure to buy "How the West was Wicked" by PillHill Press, featuring a short story by me, Mark Wise called "The Night Walker". Coming Soon!



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